Volunteering at Mhat

Volunteering with MHAT can be a rewarding way to help people with mental health problems.

It can either be done directly which is by supporting the front-line professionals involved in the delivery of care or indirectly by contributing to IT, social media, training, or other areas.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Various types of volunteer opportunities available at MHAT. Depending on your interests, skills, and availability, some example roles include

Agile Project Manager

The role engages with the heads of different functions in MHAT and helps identify, define and keep track of potential volunteering positions with a focus on agile values. The position will involve maintaining an ongoing list of well-defined job descriptions using Agile principles.

Volunteer Recruiter

The role will involve coming up with an interview strategy for recruiting for various volunteering positions, conducting the interviews and selecting candidates.

Peer support volunteer

If you have personal experience with mental illness, you may be able to offer support and encouragement to others through peer support groups. Such volunteers will be a part of the MHAT peer support group called WAR, which stands for We Are Recovering. They will participate in meetings that will aid in their recovery as well as the recovery of others.

Administrative support volunteer

Behind the scenes, many mental health organisations need support with administrative tasks. As an administrative support volunteer in MHAT, you would provide essential support to the organisation by handling tasks such as data entry, filing, mailings, reception duties, office management, and special projects. This role requires attention to detail, organization, and strong administrative and computer skills.


As a Blogger you can help with written content creation by using your experience creativity and skills. You could add visuals such as graphics, images, and videos to enhance your points. You could also respond to feedback on your blogs.

Volunteer Sourcer

The goal of the role is to look at the open volunteering positions at MHAT and identify potential areas from where candidates can be sourced. These can include schools and colleges. As an outcome, the position will maintain an updated list of volunteering sources including their details.

Volunteer Coach

The role will involve guiding and re-engaging with the functional head to double-check the various goals of the projects or tasks and will help the selected volunteer perform the project/task effectively by offering continuous guidance and feedback.


MHAT relies on donations to fund its services. As a fundraising volunteer, you could help plan and organise fundraising events or assist with fundraising efforts. The funds thus generated will go towards offering free recovery-oriented mental health care for the poorest of the poor.

Outreach and education volunteers

MHAT also focuses on educating the public about mental health issues and reducing stigma. As a volunteer, you could help with outreach efforts by speaking at community events and creating and distributing informational materials.

Volunteer Enlister

The role will take a look at the various volunteering opportunities and sources and come up with a strategy to effectively reach the sources with requirements. This can include social media marketing or emails. Further, they clarify their queries and concerns of interested candidates and also check with job and culture fit. Finally, they will present a list of prospective candidates to the recruiter.

Chat Support Volunteers

MHAT has 24-hour chat support that provides information about our core services – community mental health as well as other services such as psychotherapy, counselling courses, etc. The Chat Support Volunteer will, under supervision respond to select messages on chat.

Training Event Managers

As a Training event manager at MHAT, you will support MHAT’s mission by helping plan and execute events by agreeing on Topics, venues and Trainers and further collaborating with volunteers and staff, coordinating, pre, during and post-event day activities, including social media promotion and registration and finally evaluating event success and reporting. This role requires strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Content Creator

Content creation is the process of creating and producing digital media content such as articles, videos, images, and more. The goal is to create engaging and informative content that resonates with the target audience and effectively communicates a message or tells a story.

If you’re interested in volunteering at MHAT, you can start by filling out the form below and sharing a bit about your experience and interests.

You can also contact our digital transformation director via phone at +91 7356923232 or by email at sajan.nair@mhatkerala.org.

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