Swathvam Gender Clinic

Respite for gender and sexual minorities

Transgender individuals in every society in the world are subjected to discrimination and exclusion over the course of their lives. Hence, they also suffer disproportionately from mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, and suicides. The mental health services for this group of people need to be geared toward their specific needs and challenges.

Fairly recent, yet landmark, changes in the legal and medical-scientific fields tell us that society is expanding beyond traditional norms, and as a result, we now recognize and acknowledge that human sexuality falls on a spectrum that includes heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality. Although a majority of individuals, at present, may report being heterosexual, it would be stigmatizing and harmful to view those with different orientations as abnormal or deviant. The Supreme Court of India’s 2018 judgement, which declared criminalizing homosexuality unconstitutional, reflected this understanding.

It has been MHAT’s ongoing endeavor to offer evidence-based, ethical, and high-quality recovery oriented mental health care to the economically and socially disadvantaged sections of society. While the initial focus was on extremely poor sections, we have later included tribal populations, SC/ST communities, and, in recent years, coastal communities. The key is to provide a space where individuals can obtain help for all their mental health-related needs without fear of discrimination.

Continuing with this vision, MHAT is now initiating services for gender and sexual minorities, including transgender individuals. The services will be available starting January 20, 2023.

Q & A

Where can the services be taken from?

The services can be taken in person at the Center for Psychotherapy, Madhavan Nair Rd., Chalappuram, Kozhikode, Kerala, 673002.

Can an individual come to meet the doctor without an appointment?

No, the doctor/psychotherapist usually has a full day scheduled ahead of time. Therefore, walking in will not be helpful. It is important to book an appointment in advance.

How can appointments be scheduled?

Appointments can be booked by dialing 8089997007 and requesting an appointment. 

Is there a cost involved?

Yes, there would be a fee of Rs. 300 for every consultation.

When exactly is the doctor available?

The doctor is usually available on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. However, calling early would be critical to getting the appointment.

What will the nature of the service be?

The services will include diagnosis followed by counselling or medical management, as for all mental health issues.