Hostels (In-person Internship)

Disclaimer: In-location or in-person internships often require that individuals pursuing the same stay in Calicut or nearabouts be able to visit nearby clinics. 

The cost of accommodation, transportation, food, etc. is the sole responsibility of the student. On occasion, MHAT may be able to provide transport, but this is not to be taken for granted. 

Further, based on references from past students, we have created a list of places to stay for male and female students, as shown below.

Kindly note that the choice of stay is the sole responsibility of students and may be made after thorough due diligence concerning all matters, including safety, comfort, cleanliness, cost, or any other matter.

MHAT bears no responsibility for any of these.

Men’s Hostels in Calicut

Hostel Name Location Monthly Rent Contact number
S4 Hostel Opposite Side, New Bus Stand 3500 (2 Sharing)+No food 9895117476
Sneha Home stay Near Salkara Hotel,  Nadakkavu 4500 (4 Sharing) +Food 7947150290
New Wings Mens Hostel West Hill,Near engineering college 4500 (4 Sharing) +Food 7947137663
B Homes Hostel Puthiyarjunction, Near MIMS, Kozhikode 4500 (4 Sharing) +Food 7947140337
Tapaya Hostel Mananchira, Near Square 5000 (3 Sharing) +Food 7947116729
Nest Hostel Near Bus Stop,  Eranhipalam 4500 (4 Sharing) +Food 9880073705
Metro Home stay Ashokapuram, Kozhikode 4500 (4 Sharing) +Food 9809843930
KM Residency Medical College, Kozhikode 5000 (Per head) +Food 7510300040
KT Boys Hostel Kottoodi, Near Petrol pump 2100 (3 sharing) +No food 9946552980
Vacation Hostel Near Railway Station, Kozhikode 2500 (4 Sharing)+No food 8111925053
Maruthi Men’s Hostel Nadakkav, Near Maruthi show room 4500 (4 Sharing) +Food 9947538024
Maruthi Men’s Hostel New Bus Stand, Near Nandilath G Mart 4500 (4 Sharing) +Food 9947538024
Sha Hostel Mavoor Road, Near Baby Hospital 3000 (4 sharing)+No food 7025400222
Sha Hostel Chalappuram, Near Bajana Kovil Road 2500 (3 sharing)+No food 7025400222
Sneha Hostel East Nadakkav, Near Salkara hotel 4100 (4 or 5 Sharing) +Food 9400778314
Viswadeepam Gents Hostel Christian College. 5000 (4 Sharing) +Food 6235111027
Overseas Nest Near stadium junction 4500+No food 04952722003
Love dale Men’s Hostel Wayanad road Near MCC 3600+No food 989543376
Devanandanam Men’s Hostel Near Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozikode 5000 (4 Sharing) +Food 9847887739
God’s Own Hostel Nadakkav Town

5000 (with food) 3500 (without food)

7500 (Single room +food)

5000 (single room, without food)

Fathima Men’s Hostel Eranhipalam junction 2500 (3 sharing)+No food 9961298841
Fathima Men’s Hostel Chalappuram 3000 (2 sharing) +No food 9961298841

Women’s Hostels in Calicut

Hostel Name Location Monthly Rent Contact number
She Homes Mavoor Road, Parayanchery, Kozhikode 7947271835
Carewell Ladies Hostel Medical College, Kovoor 4500-5000 8089000219, 9745344824
Maria Hostel Kottooly 7012699328, 9497834591
Aadis Ladies Hostel 7947272914
Angel Ladies Hostel Vandipeta, Nadakkavu 7947372041
JB Homes Arayidathupalam 9072513561
Kalpaka Ladies Hostel Calicut Civil Station 3500 7947272153
Green Homepalace Vellimadukunnu 7947272265
Golden Homestay Marrykunnu, Vellimadukunnu 4500 8848008353
Sradha Hostels Vellimadukunnu 3000-5000 7947271711
Palace Hostel Vellimadukunnu 7947272319
Krishna Ladies Hostel kaloor road, Mankave 7947271802
Nishas paying guest Mankave 9778059151
Parvathy ladies Home stay Near medical college,
Sreekanteswara Kshetram Yogam Mananchira 04952722581, 27222681
She Homes Govindapuram 4500 9745556382
Adonai ladies hostel UKS road 9072833809
Ashirvad ladies Hostel Arayidathupalam 9349100992
Dreams hostel Arayidathupalam 4500 9847002343
Divine Hostel Mavoor road
Snehadeepam ladies Hostel Eranhipalam 4500 9072002912
Debora ladies hostel Thondayad byepass 4500 8086022981
Zulaikhas Women hostel Puthiyara 3800-4000 9895080877
PVK Ladies Hostel Balan K Nair Road 5000 9846616594
Devina hostel Nadakkavu east 9995570303
Grace Girls Hostel Civil Station 5000-5500 6282633127