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22 Mar 2024: Workshop on Core Skills for Youth at KMCT Group of Institutions, facilitated by MHAT

Workshop on Core Skills for Youth at KMCT Group of Institutions, facilitated by MHAT
On 22 Mar 2022, Mr Sajan Raghavan, Director of Digital Transformation at Mental Health Action Trust (MHAT), conducted a workshop on Core Skills for students at KMCT Group of Institutions. The workshop took place at the Corporate Office in Elathur, Kozhikode, and was attended by about 100 students from various semesters of the B.Pharm course. The welcome address was delivered by Muhammed Sajad C, Psychologist at KMCT Group of Institutions.

The session began with a thorough examination of the responses gathered from the pre-workshop survey from which patterns emerged regarding the career options students were considering for their next move, as well as the necessary skills for success in these.

Consequently, the core skills of Goal Setting, Time Management, and Communication Skills were prioritized. The workshop emphasized interaction and activities, covering concepts such as the Journey of Competence, the Wheel of Life, Smart Goals, and the Urgent vs. Important matrix, among other topics.

A vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Sujith Varma, the Principal of the institution. He highlighted the value of the intervention for the students and emphasized the importance of applying the concepts learned in real life.



March 2024: The first training session in soap and cover making at Puthenvelikkara Clinic

The first training session in soap and cover making at Puthenvelikkara Clinic was a resounding success, with a total of 10 individuals, including both clients and caregivers, actively participating. It was heartening to witness such enthusiastic engagement from our community members.


During the training, 5 individuals showed remarkable potential for livelihood promotion through their newfound skills. This promising outcome not only highlights the effectiveness of the training but also underscores the transformative impact it can have on the lives of participants.

Going forward, we are filled with optimism as we plan for the second round of training, which will cater to those who were unable to participate  in the initial session. By extending this opportunity to more individuals within the community, we aim to further empower them with valuable skills and avenues for economic independence.

Following the training, a meeting was convened with our community partners, volunteers, and friends of the community clinic in Puthenvelikkara. This gathering provided a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations aimed at enhancing the overall well-being of the community.


08 Oct 2023: MHAT Conducts Volunteer Training Programme at Ponnani

In celebration of World Mental Health Day, MHAT organized a workshop dedicated to enhancing mental health awareness among local residents and volunteers. This informative event took place at MSS School, Ponnani, in collaboration with the East Zone of MIP.

The program, co-facilitated by Dr. Manoj Kumar and Dr. Rekha P from MHAT, garnered significant attendance from community members. Moreover, the engaging Q&A session that followed underscored the ongoing importance of promoting and nurturing emotional resilience.


14 Aug 2023: MHAT completes Volunteer Training at Nellanad, for arogyasena members of Nellanad Panchayath, Trivandrum

MHAT conducted a Training for 20 Volunteers of Nellanad, Trivandrum wherein they were oriented to mental health and the roles of community mental health volunteers.
The sessions were done by Dr.Manoj Kumar, Ms.Sona KN, Ms.Safiya and Dr.Meena.
The final session of this four-weekend program was held on Monday the 14th of Aug 2023 after which Distribution of certificates was done by the Panchayath President.

The success of the program was very evident from the feedback of the participants.
This model of training is seen as a replaceable one for future volunteer training programs in other clinics.




02 Aug 2023: MHATs first multiple family support group meeting.

MFSG at Thalassery MHATs first multiple family support group meeting was at Thalassery Snehatheeram clinic for the families of patients on the 01st of Aug 2023.

23 July 2023: Kairali TV Confers Dr. T. Manoj Kumar with Doctors Award

Thanking Kairali TV for selecting him for the Kairali TV Doctors Award, Dr. T. Manoj Kumar. For the award from the social service sector, Dr. T Manoj Kumar deserved it. Manoj Kumar said that rather than an award given to an individual, I see this as a great recognition for the social mental health project and the public mental health sector.
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20 July 2023: New Community Clinic at Edavanakkad

A new community clinic started operations on July 20th, 2023. The Clinic referred to as SAF Edavanakkad operates in the Ernakulam District of Kerala. The Clinic aims to aspire to the SAMAGRAM ideal, which means, in addition to looking at the mental health needs of those with an illness, the Clinic will proactively endeavour to introduce and run preventive interventions aimed at emotional wellness of the community.