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Counseling Therapy

Counseling Therapy allows you to explore their feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set goals, and work toward desired change.

Why Counselling

Regular ups and downs are common in modern day to day life. In fact, it is full of challenges. It starts in our childhood with pressure to perform in school.  Rift between classmates, friends, family, siblings and financial restraints are part and parcel of our lives. We grow up with all these challenges as kids. Even though we become adapted to handling many life situations without any issue, sometimes there are obstacles that are difficult for us to handle alone. If you are down with a bad cough or flu, you will not think twice before seeing a doctor to get treatment for it. So, why do we shy away from taking the same approach when we are faced with stress inducing issue at life, work or relationships?

Couples Counselling


In Couples Counselling a counsellor with clinical experience working with couples, helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction. Studies show that couples counselling is effective at restoring a relationship 75 percent of the time.

Parental Counselling

Parental counselling is a type of service that aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and most especially support to parents without bias or judgment. This way, they become more fully equipped to take care of children. 

What issue are you facing?

Unexpected Mood Swings

Mood swings can be normal, and are only an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all-consuming and interfere with daily living

Harmful Thoughts

Unwanted intrusive thoughts are stuck thoughts that cause great distress. They seem to come from out of nowhere, arrive with a whoosh, and cause a great deal of anxiety. The content of unwanted intrusive thoughts may be of a delusional, sexual, or socially unacceptable deas. They may also be about self harm or violence. 


Sadness may arise from a range of reasons including death and beravement and is generally marked by low mood and irritability most days as well as a loss of interest or enjoyment in activities that were previously pleasurable. Such symptoms may vary in intensity and duration in someone with moderate depression.

Someone to Talk To

When you’re suffering, it’s natural to want to talk to someone about your problems. Everyone needs a listening ear sometimes. When you can’t find someone to talk to, it can be painful. Understandably, you would want to vent to a friend or loved one about what you’re experiencing. 

Strained Relationships

Strained relationships are characterised by a breakdown in communication leading from misunderstanding, judgement or a break in trust. The damage is swiftly cleared and communication reinstated. When a relationship is strained, the road is constricted and clogged with negative messages and hurt feelings

Couples Infidelity

Infidelity includes a straying of ones parter and its synonyms include cheating,  adultery, being unfaithful, or having an affair. It is a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity.



Job Loss or Change

Losing your job or changing one, especially if it is unexpected, can be emotionally harmful as well. You may feel a sense of disappointment, failure or hopelessness, especially if finding another job proves to be difficult. The loss of income and job security can lead to worry and anxiety and strain family relationships

Stress & Anxiety

Intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating and feeling tired may occur.

Isolation & Loneliness

People can be surrounded by other people, yet still feel lonely. Loneliness can also come as a result of experiencing mental ill health. Isolation is a feeling of being separated from other people and your environment.  Loneliness and  isolation are different in that people can feel isolated (alone) yet not feel lonely

Irregular Sleep Cycles

Sleep disturbances encompass challenges in of initiating and maintaining sleep or problems with excessive sleep. They also include issues with wake schedule. 

Family Member Conflict

Conflict can happen when family members have different views or beliefs that clash. Sometimes conflict can occur when people misunderstand each other and jump to the wrong conclusion. Issues of conflict that are not resolved peacefully can lead to arguments and resentment


Addiction is a  condition that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequence. People with addiction (severe substance use disorder) have an intense focus on using a certain substance(s), such as alcohol or drugs, to the point that it takes over their life.

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