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Community mental health projects

MHAT has teamed up with the Institute of Palliative Medicine in Calicut, the Malappuram Initiative in Community Psychiatry and various palliative care centres and institutions in the districts of Malappuram,Wayanad, Palakkad and Kozhikode. Most of these are part of the successful community palliative care movement in Kerala.

Weekly outpatient clinics have been functioning in parts of Malappuram, Wayanad and Kozhikode districts with the help of local partners. In the clinics in Wayanad, the focus is also on serving the tribal population.

The first community clinic to implement our model started functioning on December 3, 2008 at Pulikkal in Malappuram district. Since then, another 52 clinics have gone on-stream in the 7 districts of Malappuram, Wayanad, Palakkad, Thrissur, Kasaragod and Kozhikode.

By June 2017, nearly 4000 patients have been registered with the clinics; mostly people with chronic mental disorders. It is anticipated that most of these patients would require long term care with continuous input from MHAT and its local partners.

The 52 clinics are at:

Malappuram District

Community clinics:

Areacode (Palliative Care Association, Reg. No: 673/02)

Edakkara (Pain and Palliative Care Society, Reg. No: 419/04)

Edappal (Santhwanam Pain and Palliative Clinic, Reg. No: 521/2008)

Edavanna (Palliative Care Clinic, Edavanna, Reg. No: 167/03)

Irimbiliyam Primary Health Centre

Kalikavu (Kalikavu Palliative Care Association, Reg. No: 451/2009)

Karakunnu (Karakunnu Palliative Care Association, Reg. No: 793/2012)

Manjeri (Cancer Pain and Palliative Care Association, Reg. No: 666/97)

Nilambur (Palliative Care Society, Reg. No: 804/99)

Ponmundam (Oruma Palliative Care)

Parappanangadi (AKG Memorial Charitable Trust, Reg. No: 153/2009)

Ponnani (Pain and Palliative Care Unit, Thrikkavu, Ponnani, Reg. No: 449/03)

Pulikkal (Pain and Palliative Care Clinic, Pulikkal, Reg. No: 424/06)

Thirunnavaya (PHC Thirunavaya)

Tripprangode Primary Health Centre

Valancheri (Pain & Palliative)

Valluvambram Clinic

Vazhakkad (Palliative Care Association, Reg. No: 437/06)

Veliancode (Noble Source Kerala, Reg. No: 507/01)

Vengara (Vengara Pain and Palliative Centre, Reg. No: 437/11)


Pandikkad (Salwa Welfare Trust, Reg. No: 239/99)

Wayanad District

Community Clinics:

Ambalavayal (Ambalavayal Pain and Palliative Unit Clinic, Reg. No: 113/07)

Kalpetta (Santhi Pain and Palliative Care, Reg No: 604/04)

Kaniyambatta (Sneha Palliative Care Clinic, Reg. No: 70/10)

Kynatty (Amritha Kripa Charitable Hospital)

Thelampatta (Thelampatta Tribal Clinic)

Vaduvanchal (Ashraya Mental Health Care Society, Reg. No: 153/10)

Sultan Batheri (Batheri Pain & Palliative)


Kalpetta (Chemmannur Life Vision)

Nadavayal (Ossanam Bhavan)

Kozhikode District

Community Clinics:

Areekkulam Primary Health Centre

Edacheri (Karunyam Health Assistance and Rehabilitation Trust, Reg. No: 44/04/07)

Koduvally (Phoenix Pain and Palliative Care Society. Reg. No: S-168/06)

Maniyur (Iringal) (Karunyam Pain and Palliative Care, Reg. No: 617/09)

Payyoli (Santhi Pain and Palliative Society, Reg. No: 374/04)

Perambra (Daya Pain and Palliative Society, Reg. No:88/07)

Poonoor (Health Care Foundation)

Paingottayi (Kaniv Clinic)

Vatakara (Thanal, Vatakara , Daya Rehabilitation Trust, Reg. No: 9/08)

Palakkad District

Community Clinics:

Chittur (Chittur Clinic)

Pattambi (Karunya Theeram Charitable Trust, Reg. No: 121/IV/2014)

Pallasana (Primary Health Centre)


Thrissur (Pain & Palliative Care Society)


Alleppey (Greeshma Foundation)