M.A. in Applied Psychology with specialisation in Clinical Psychology

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The M.A. in Applied Psychology with Specialisation in Clinical Psychology is a new programme. This has been developed from the perceived need for developing psychology professionals with diagnostic and therapeutic skills necessary for working with a clinical population.

TISS has had a long history of involvement in issues of mental health through the various teaching and outreach programmes. It has been at the forefront of innovative programmes of teaching and initiation of field action projects on mental health issues. The CHE has the necessary expertise and faculty strength to run such a programme, and has been closely involved in training and research activities related to mental health issues since its inception. It has been actively engaged with the process of training counselling professionals (through classroom teaching and field exposure) to address the unmet needs of the mental health sector. This ongoing engagement with students, mental health professionals, NGOs and the field, has helped the centre be in touch with the emerging mental health needs and required mental health interventions.

There are about 20-30 million people who appear to be in need of mental health care. Compared to this huge need, there are about 3500 psychiatrists, 1000 psychiatric social workers, 1000 clinical psychologists and 900 psychiatric nurses in the country. Scarcity of trained and supervised services and professionals is one of the fundamental barriers to the progress of mental health services in India. It is in the context of the scarcity of trained professionals to provide mental health services in the country that the CHE is planning to introduce an M.A. Applied Psychology with Specialisation in Clinical Psychology. The CHE already offers a MA Counselling programme, introduced and run successfully from 2009, which has been revised into the M.A. Applied Psychology - Specialisation in Counseling Psychology. While training in Counselling serves an important service in the area of mental health, there is demand for trained professionals in clinical psychology as well. While counselling deals with "normal" problems of life, training in clinical psychology is necessary to deal with patients suffering from more severe or chronic psychological problems, including mental health disorders as defined by DSM criteria.

The M.A. Applied Psychology - Specialisation in Clinical Psychology programme will develop psychology professionals with specialisation in clinical psychology to work with patients with mental disorders and their families. The programme will focus on the development of practitioners with a sound base in research as scientist-practitioners.

Students will be instructed in psychological assessment of children and adults. Students will be trained under supervision by faculty to administer and interpret standardised intelligence and personality tests. Students will develop the skills to use the latest DSM and ICD criteria and nomenclature to evaluate mental illness and devise suitable intervention techniques. Training will be geared towards increasing awareness of diversity and socio-cultural contexts in which individuals are enmeshed. There will be training provided on conducting clinical interviews with individuals, families, and other informants to understand the nature of issues that are being confronted. The basic principles, strategies and techniques of psychotherapy from psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, group processes and systems approaches will be taught to students to help them apply the same in clinical interventions in an ethical and competent manner. The aim of the clinical interventions planned will be geared towards positive client outcomes.

On completion of the M.A. Applied Psychology - Specialisation in Clinical Psychology programme, students can find employment with NGOs and other organisations working in the area of mental health. Schools and hospitals are other settings where trained Clinical Psychologists can find employment.

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